Music Composition
In high school, I discovered the music of JS Bach and fell in love with imitative counterpoint---music composed with two or more voices that mimic one another. Today, I compose as a hobby. Most of my pieces are short and for two voices played on piano. I'm excited to share my music with you here!
matt (week 15)

Written and Recorded: Spring, 2023

Collaboration with:LOUMO

(I wrote the chords, and some instrumental melody)

Invention no. 3 in C Major

Written and Recorded: Fall, 2022

Invention no. 2 in D Minor

Written and Recorded: Summer, 2021.

Invention no. 1 in E Minor

Written and Recorded: Summer, 2018

Tango (2022)

Filmed Sept. 20, 2022.

Electronically Published Sept 23, YouTube.