SIGBOVIC is an annual conference at CMU, known for featuring bizarre academic-style research. My group (which was rather large) contributed an article studying card shuffling algorithms.
My main addition was a study on how shuffling affects the distribution of the letter E in a deck, when written out as a string. See what I mean... bizarre research.
Several interesting distributions and decks are presented.
P. Mallory et al.,"We Found the Best Shuffled Deck," Proceedings of SIGBOVIK 2024, pp. 70 - 82, 5 Apr., 2024.
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Supporting code on GitHub.
Jane Street Puzzles
Jane Street posts a new puzzle monthly online. Participants may submit one solution before the end of the month to have their names featured.
April 2024, Robot Capture-the-Flag. Sixth Solver. My solution in May.
March 2024, Hooks 10. My solution on GitHub.
Autograms Article
AnAutogramis a self-referential statement, that lists the frequencies of its own letters and symbols. Here are two examples:
This Autogram contains fifty-three spaces, twenty-four commas, five hyphens, seven As, four Cs, three Ds, thirty-seven Es, fifteen Fs, four Gs, twelve Hs, sixteen Is, two Ls, four Ms, seventeen Ns, thirteen Os, four Ps, fifteen Rs, thirty-four Ss, twenty-six Ts, eight Us, eight Vs, five Ws, three Xs, seven Ys, and one period.
- and -
Whenever possible, I try to avoid the third, seventh, tenth, eleventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, twenty-first, and twenty-sixth letters of the alphabet.
M. Abate,"Autograms," The Journal of Wordplay, Issue #4, pp. 54 - 59, 19 Feb., 2023.
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Matt's Movie List
Over the last few years, I have been writing short reviews for the movies I watch, and rating them against one another.
I am excited to share them with you here!
Latex editor with an AI agent that knows your papers.
April - May 2023. Project no longer active.
Watch the demo here!