Puzzle Poetry
“My punishment? I'm glad you asked...”
Thus begins Matthew Abate's remarkable work... Designed around the work week and weekend, Abate's poem is a new way to experience the endless cycles of time.
M. Abate,"Puzzle Poetry," The Journal of Wordplay, Issue #5, pp. 32 - 34, 20 May, 2024.
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SIGBOVIC is an annual conference at CMU, known for featuring bizarre academic-style research. My group (which was rather large) contributed an article studying card shuffling algorithms.
My main addition was a study on how shuffling affects the distribution of the letter E in a deck, when written out as a string. See what I mean... bizarre research.
Several interesting distributions and decks are presented.
P. Mallory et al.,"We Found the Best Shuffled Deck," Proceedings of SIGBOVIK 2024, pp. 70 - 82, 5 Apr., 2024.
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Supporting code on GitHub.
Jane Street Puzzles
Jane Street posts a new puzzle monthly. Participants may submit one solution before the end of the month to have their names featured.
July 2024, Current Puzzle, Many Happy Returns. My solution in August.
June 2024, Altered States 2. My solution on GitHub.
May 2024, Number Cross 4. My solution on GitHub.
May 2024 Special, Bug Byte. My solution pdf.
April 2024, Robot Capture-the-Flag. Sixth Solver. My solution pdf.
March 2024, Hooks 10. My solution on GitHub.
Autograms Article
AnAutogramis a self-referential statement, that lists the frequencies of its own letters and symbols. Here are two examples:
This Autogram contains fifty-three spaces, twenty-four commas, five hyphens, seven As, four Cs, three Ds, thirty-seven Es, fifteen Fs, four Gs, twelve Hs, sixteen Is, two Ls, four Ms, seventeen Ns, thirteen Os, four Ps, fifteen Rs, thirty-four Ss, twenty-six Ts, eight Us, eight Vs, five Ws, three Xs, seven Ys, and one period.
- and -
Whenever possible, I try to avoid the third, seventh, tenth, eleventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, twenty-first, and twenty-sixth letters of the alphabet.
M. Abate,"Autograms," The Journal of Wordplay, Issue #4, pp. 54 - 59, 19 Feb., 2024.
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Matt's Movie List
Over the last few years, I have been writing short reviews for the movies I watch, and rating them against one another.
I am excited to share them with you here!
Latex editor with an AI agent that knows your papers.
April - May 2023. Project no longer active.
Watch the demo here!